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FXSG-300H hose crimper

FXSG-300H hose crimper

FXSG-300H hose crimper is our latest products, it has accurate position-fixing equipment,the precision can reach operation,there are three ways for you,manual,semi-automatically and full-automatically.Besides this machine have big opening,ф160mm,and the opening of die is is especially suitable for insulator%27s crimping.

This machine successfully imported military technology from Former Soviet Union ——“Lake-tech” for finishing machining of the metal surface. The Lake-tech greatly increase the hardness and finish of friction surface and slip surface, it reached to aeronautical and astronautical is prolong the life of machine. 

technical specifications

crimper range  ф6~ф64mm

 maximum φ64 IV

modulus  3
 systematic pressure   31.5Mpa
die diameter:  φ115mm
displacement of oil pump  14.5L/min
 crimper force   630t    motor power 4kw 
 weight per  395kg 
outline size  820×590×1280mm3

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